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The term “Alkebulan” is a constructed word based on two ancient African languages: “Alke” from the Ge’ez language of Ethiopia, which means “Mother of Mankind,” and “Bulan” from the Yoruba language of Nigeria, which means “land of.”

According to this alternative explanation, the word Alkebulan would then mean “Mother of Mankind Land” or “Land of the Mother of Mankind,” emphasizing the historical and cultural significance of Africa as the birthplace of humanity and the rich diversity of cultures and peoples that have emerged on the continent over millennia. 

While the origins of the term Alkebulan may be debated, it is clear that the term carries deep cultural and historical significance for many people of African descent and is often used as a way to assert a sense of pride and identity in the face of centuries of colonization and oppression.

By reclaiming the term Alkebulan and emphasizing the historical and cultural achievements of ancient African civilizations such as Egypt, Nubia, and Ethiopia, advocates of African-centered scholarship and activism seek to challenge the notion that European culture and civilization represent the pinnacle of human achievement.