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Beach Holiday

Beach Holiday Relaxation and Adventure Beyond the House of Wonders in Stone Town Escape to the pristine shores of Tanzania for an idyllic beach holiday that combines relaxation, adventure, and cultural exploration. While Tanzania is renowned for its iconic landmarks like the “House of Wonders” and the narrow streets of the Old Stone Town, its […]

Tanzania Cultural Immersion

Tanzania Cultural Immersion Discover Authentic Experiences with Exclusive Rates A gateway to immersive cultural experiences in Tanzania is through Alkebulan Travels, an eco-friendly safari outfitter. We understand your desire to explore the rich heritage, traditions, and vibrant communities that make Tanzania truly special.  With our carefully crafted cultural immersion tours as part of private safari […]

Expedition Summit Success Rates

Expedition Summit Success Rates Achieve Your Mountain Climbing Goals with Alkebulan Travels Embarking on a mountain climbing expedition is a thrilling and challenging endeavour. At Alkebulan Travels, we understand the importance of summit success and the desire to conquer the world’s most awe-inspiring peaks.  With our experienced guides, comprehensive planning, and meticulous attention to safety, […]

Custom Tanzania Safaris

Custom Tanzania Safaris Exclusive Rates You Won’t Find Anywhere Else We are your premier planner for your luxury and private travel desire for unforgettable safari experiences in Tanzania. We take pride in offering custom-tailored Tanzania safaris that cater to your unique preferences and interests.  With our extensive knowledge of Tanzania’s diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife, and […]