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The Tarangire

The Land of Baobab Trees

tarangire national park Lies about 120km north-west of Arusha, its name comes from the Tarangire river which arises in the Condoa highlands in central of Tanzania and makes its way northwards along the Park , therefore the Park delivered its from Mbugwe tribe word Tara-ngire means river of Warthogs,

The area of park was first a famous hunting ground and then a game reserve. Research in the late 1950s and early 1960s showed the importance of the area for wildlife during the dry season. Tarangire National Park was established in 1970, the 5th National Park to be declared since Tanzania Independent from the British in 1961 and the Park occupies an area 2850 sq km.

The Tarangire River

The Elephants of Tarangire

The Tarangire river system is the only reliable source of water for the wildlife of the masai steppe during dry season. The dry season usually occur between July to November, largest mammals that dispersed throughout the landscape return to river as natural water holes outside the park dries up.

Wildlife viewing is easiest during this time of the year as many animals visit the river and swamps for water at least once a day. Section of the river can dry up with the water disappearing below the sand surface.

The most common animals found in the park include zebras, wildebeest, lions, leopards, waterbucks, giraffe, elephants, gazelles, impala, gerenuk, lesser kudu and the beautiful fringe-eared oryx. You may be lucky to spot the tree-climbing python, for which the park is famous, or the greater kudu and the roan antelope which are rare species in Northern Tanzania. Over 550 bird species have been recorded in the Park.

Tarangire National Park Map

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