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If you are arriving at Arusha Airport or Kilimanjaro International Airport, then airport transfers to and from those airports are included in your trip if you have confirmed and paid for your transfer, we strongly suggest you to email your flight ticket to your Tour Agent / Tour Consultant so we can arrange your transfers accordingly. Our driver will display your name on an Impatiens Tours signboard. These procedures ensure that you are picked up by the correct driver, rather than by some of the airport taxi drivers who are looking for business.

Complications on Arrival

It is very rare that our travelers experience problems on arrival, but it is very important that should any difficulties be encountered, you follow the advice given below.

If you are unable, for any reason, to start your trip as scheduled, you must as soon as possible contact the Impatiens Tours office to advise them of (Tel: +255 755 464 864) If you have booked an airport transfer with Impatiens Tours but on arrival at your airport are unable to identify the representative of your pre-booked airport transfer company within 30 minutes of clearing customs / immigration, you should contact the Impatiens Tours office (Tel: +255 755 464 864) to advise us of this. If you have booked your own

airport transfer independently (i.e. not through Impatiens Tours), and your driver cannot be found, you should first contact the transfer company to try and resolve the Note that in the event of any dispute, Impatiens Tours will unfortunately not be responsible for any failure by an independently booked airport transfer. You will be responsible for joining the trip at the scheduled time.

Flight Delays

As any delays to flights are outside our control, we regret that Impatiens Tours cannot be responsible for the consequences of such delays, nor for any additional expense incurred as a result.

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