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Mountain guides

Apart from yourself, the Mountain Guide who accompanies you is the most important person on Kilimanjaro. A good guide will deliver an unforgettable summit-climb for all climbers who are fit and able to achieve it; a bad guide can spell discomfort and sometimes disaster. At Impatiens Tours, we employ the best guides in the business and we never compromise on quality.

Experience is important and our guides have collectively hiked Kilimanjaro well over one thousand times. That experience is invaluable, but our guides are also well-trained and knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic. Most of our guides have been with us at Impatiens Tours for many years. We keep them because they are good and make sure that they are properly rewarded for their efforts and expertise.

To become a mountain guide, they must undergo a period of training which covers all aspects of the job, including most importantly mountain safety, how to spot the signs of altitude sickness and what to do when it is spotted. As well as safety, the guide is also concerned with your comfort and enjoyment while on Kilimanjaro and to this end, they will pass on tips and inform you about the mountain flora and fauna. We are very proud of the favorable comments that we receive from our visitors about the quality of our mountain guides.

Total Number of Crew in Camping and Hut Route
Total number of crew on Camping Route (Machame, Rongai and Lemosho)

Carrying Your Gears

You really need to worry only about your daypack and its contents, as our porters carry all the heavy equipment, up and down the mountain. If you need a personal porter, do let us know in advance and we can arrange this (extra charges apply.)

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