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Night Life Destinations


Tanzania is not generally known for its nightlife as most visitors come for its natural beauty and wildlife. However, there are still a few places to experience a lively nightlife scene in Tanzania. Here are some night life destinations to consider:

1. Dar es Salaam:

As Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es Salaam is a bustling hub of activity both during the day and at night.

For those seeking a lively nightlife scene, Dar es Salaam offers a variety of options. Visitors can enjoy everything from rooftop bars and lounges to more traditional nightclubs.

Some popular spots include Elements Club & Lounge, which is known for its electronic music and unique interior design, High Spirit Lounge, which has a great view of the city, and Escape One, a popular nightclub with a rooftop terrace.

2. Zanzibar:

The island of Zanzibar is a unique and exotic destination with a rich history and culture. While its nightlife scene is not as large as that of Dar es Salaam, there are still plenty of options for those looking to enjoy the local nightlife. Stone Town, the historic and cultural heart of Zanzibar, comes alive at night with street performers, live music shows, and dance performances.

Visitors can also enjoy the local nightlife by visiting some popular bars and lounges, such as the Africa House rooftop bar, which offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean, the Tatu bar, which is located in a beautifully restored colonial-era building, and the Kisauni club, which is a popular spot for both locals and tourists.

3. Arusha:

Arusha is a smaller city compared to Dar es Salaam, but it is still a lively and vibrant place to spend an evening. As the gateway to some of Tanzania’s most popular national parks, including Serengeti and Kilimanjaro, many visitors to Arusha are there for the wildlife and outdoor activities. However, there are still plenty of options for those seeking some nightlife entertainment.

Some popular spots include Via Via Cultural Café, which is a great place to grab a drink and mingle with locals and other travelers, the Blue Heron Lounge, which has a lovely garden setting and offers a wide range of cocktails and other drinks, and the Clocktower Lounge, which is a popular spot for live music and performances.

4. Moshi:

Despite being a small town, Moshi offers a few great options for those looking to enjoy the nightlife. The Union Café is a popular spot that offers live music on most nights and has a great selection of drinks and food.

The Kilimanjaro Coffee Lounge is another great option for those who enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere and a cup of coffee or tea. For those seeking a more traditional nightclub experience, the Keys Hotel and the Honey Badger Lodge both offer a range of music styles and drinks.

5. Mwanza:

Mwanza is known for its stunning sunsets and lakeside views, and the nightlife scene in the city is just as impressive. The Tilapia Hotel Bar and Restaurant is one of the most popular spots in the city and offers stunning views of the lake.

The bar serves a range of drinks and the restaurant offers a great selection of food. The Jambo Pub is another popular spot in Mwanza that offers live music and entertainment on most nights.

6. Mbeya:

While there are not many nightlife options in Mbeya, visitors can still enjoy a few drinks at some local bars and lounges. The Mkapa Guesthouse Bar is a great spot for a relaxed atmosphere and a few drinks with friends.

The bar offers a range of drinks and snacks, and the friendly staff makes it a great place to unwind after a long day. The Mbeya Hotel Bar is another popular spot in the town that offers a range of drinks and a laid-back atmosphere.

7. Dodoma:

As the capital city of Tanzania, Dodoma is a bustling and vibrant place with a range of nightlife options. The Dodoma Club is one of the most popular nightclubs in the city and offers a range of music styles, from traditional Tanzanian music to hip-hop and pop.

The club also has a great selection of drinks and a lively atmosphere. The Diplomat Bar and Lounge is another popular spot in Dodoma that offers a more upscale atmosphere with live music and entertainment

Overall, while Tanzania may not be known for its nightlife scene, there are still plenty of options for those looking for some fun and entertainment after dark. Whether you prefer rooftop bars, live music shows, or street performances, these destinations offer a range of experiences to suit all tastes.