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Tanzania Visa Information

Make sure that you have a valid passport whose expiry date is sufficient for you to be allowed to enter Tanzania. (Usually the expiry date must be at least six months from the date of travel, for tourists, and longer for business travelers. With the exception of those travelling from certain African countries (and a few other countries), all visitors to Tanzania must have a valid visa. It is the responsibility of travelers to arrange this. Visas are best arranged in advance. If you are arriving at Kilimanjaro International Airport, without having arranged a visa in advance, please follow the procedure outlined below, to ensure that you get the correct visa and meet up with your driver-guide outside the arrival door:

  1. Complete the visa request form (either on the flight or on arrival).

2. Join the queue for one of the visa counters – please don’t let you be assisted by anybody at the airport or be persuaded to give your visa money to anyone apart from the staff at the counter

3. Pay for the visa – USD 100 per person for US nationals and USD 50 per person for nationals of other countries (visa fees are payable in cash ONLY and US bills should not be older than 2006).

4. Make sure that you get a receipt for this transaction – the receipt is yellowish- orange color with a silver seal sticker.

5. Verify that the number on the receipt is the same as the one written on top of the visa stamp on your passport

6. Queue up for your fingerprints and passport
7. Collect your luggage and leave by the exit
8. Outside the exit door you will see our driver guide holding the ‘Impatiens Tours’


If you are arriving in Kenya, prior to transferring to Tanzania, you should familiarize yourself with any Kenyan visa requirements that may apply and ensure you obtain the necessary visa or transit visa for that country, too. Useful information regarding visas for Tanzania and Kenya can be found on the Tanzanian Embassy websites in your home country.

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