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Where to stay

Tourism is a thriving industry in Tanzania, offering a wide variety of accommodation options for travelers. Your choice of where to stay can be influenced by the type of experience you want to have in Tanzania and the attractions you plan to visit. Four main accommodation styles are available in Tanzania: luxury, comfort plus, comfort, and basic. Each style has its own unique features, so consider what type of experience you envision for your Tanzanian adventure when making your choice.

Luxury Accommodation Style

For those who want to tour Tanzania in style, luxury accommodations are a must-consider. These accommodations offer top-notch hospitality and amenities, including full five-star hotel-style amenities such as swimming pools, elegant rooms, and multiple dining options. Most luxury lodges or camps in Tanzania have private safari driver-guides for guests, providing a front-row access to the wonders of the Tanzanian safari.

Comfort Plus Accommodation Style

Comfort plus accommodations offer a comfortable and quality stay during your Tanzanian safari.

These accommodations include big-name chain lodges and higher-end permanent camps with modern amenities, private bathrooms, and your own private safari driver-guide.

Comfort Accommodation Style

Comfort accommodations are for those who want an authentic Tanzanian safari experience without camping.

This style includes some pre-erected tented camps, as well as smaller, more intimate lodges. Comfort accommodations have private bathrooms and a private safari driver-guide.

Basic Accommodation Style

For budget-minded travelers, basic accommodations are a great option. These accommodations come with a safari driver-guide and a safari chef who will pitch your tents, prepare your meals, and break camp. For groups of three or less, a single vehicle is provided, while larger groups may require a support vehicle to transport camping equipment and food. Although basic accommodations may not be as luxurious, they still offer an unforgettable Tanzanian safari experience.

Customizable Itineraries to Suit Your Needs

With a wide range of options, you can tailor your itinerary to include multiple styles of accommodations to suit your preferences. Regardless of the accommodation style you choose, you can trust that you will be paired with the best possible safari vehicle and a knowledgeable driver-guide for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Tanzania.

No matter what style of accommodation you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll be paired with the best possible safari vehicle and a knowledgeable driver-guide. Contact us today to discuss your accommodation options and create the trip of a lifetime.